DUVE Berlin is pleased to announce its upcoming show of new works by Argentinian painter Ivan Comas. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo presentation in a gallery setting in Europe.
Comas uses industrial materials such as household paint and cement to create paintings suggesting an ever- changing urban environment. In his latest works, which he produced in Berlin, he combined these materials with photography and UV printing. The visual tension in Comas’ pieces is rooted in his thematic preferences. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, educated in Paris and living between Los Angeles and Berlin, he uses the construction and deterioration of metropolitan cities as a starting point for his canvases. By overlaying printed images of shadows on their slightly textured surface, he explores the intersection between green spaces and and the urban landscape of the city.
Another topic often investigated by the artist is the effect of civil and political intervention on the urban space. His paintings, hardly ever pristine, often include elements of the - at first - visual consequences of vandalism, gentrification, graffiti or urban decay. Thus, they become reflections on the citizen’s role in not only the tangible, but also the intangible changes happening to her or his surroundings.
Comas is an observer of the space he evolves in; while his previous works, produced in Los Angeles, were dryer and tended towards a monochromatic palette, the works produced during the Summer in Berlin include colors and lush, organic shapes. For his upcoming exhibition at DUVE Berlin, Comas will develop his production process further, carrying on his investigation of the always challenging inclusion of figurative elements in abstract painting. Additionally, an installation is planned, the first ever to be realized by the artist.
Ivan Comas was born in 1987 in Buenos Aires, AR. He earned his MFA from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris in Paris, FR in 2012. Exhibitions include Recent Works, Juan Vergez & Patricia Pearson Collection, Buenos Aires, AR, 2014; Open Studio, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA, 2015; and a presentation at artBO, Bogotà, CL, with fellow Argentinian artist Joaquin Boz, Steve Turner Contemporary, 2015. DUVE Berlin will show Ivan Comas at ZONA MACO in Mexico City, MX in 2016, alongside Debora Delmar Corp.
* 1987 Buenos Aires, AR
Lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles
MFA, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, FR
The Cooper Union, New York, NY
ZONA MACO with DUVE Berlin (February), Mexico City, MX
Solo show at Steve Turner Contemporary (June 2016), Los Angeles, CA
Untitled, with Steve Turner Contemporary (December 2016), Miami, FL
Days Go By, DUVE Berlin, DE
art berlin contemporary, with Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA
Open Studio, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA
Recent Works, Juan Vergez & Patricia Pearson Collection, Buenos Aires, AR
Entropies Magiques, graduate exhibition, Beaux Arts, Paris, FR
Extraction, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA
De Leur Temps (4), Adiaf, Hab Galerie, Nantes, FR
Un Regard Autre, Galerie Farideh Cadot, Paris, FR
In Between, un étrange familiarité, Château Musée de Nemours, Paris, FR