DUVE Berlin is pleased to present *NO FEAR* an exhibition featuring new paintings by Ed Broner. The presentation also marks the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery in Berlin..

Ed Broner’s upcoming solo show *No Fear* at DUVE Berlin is a fearless exploration of the human psyche. Through his paintings, Broner examines the idea of controlling fears and how it can lead to mass control of minds. His art reflects his belief in keeping calm and free in order to fight against fear and negativity. The exhibition features new works by the artist that showcase his strength and positive energy.
Broner chose the title *No Fear* because he believes that life is a challenge and being an artist requires courage. Fear can control us and make us make the wrong decisions. It’s important to always overcome fears and listen to our goals and trick our minds. In this show, Broner will display paintings of a solitary figure who is in different emotional states of mind. He escapes his fears by running away from them, isolating himself, staying positive even when the world is crumbling outside. He processes his fears internally and fights them. He stands up against predators, stands alone, and always wins against his fears with a smile.

As Mike Tyson once said, “Fear is our friend; fear is like fire. If you are afraid of it and you let it get out of control, it can destroy you and everything around you. But if you control it, it can cook for you, it can heat you, keep you warm, it can fight for you.” Don’t miss this opportunity to see Ed Broner’s latest work on display!
The Parisian artist who is currently based in Berlin has exhibited around the world, from Asia, Australia, Europe, to Africa and America. Recent solo exhibitions include *Aura* at “FFF Contemporary, Seoul, Korea; *Cool and the Gang*, Villazan Gallery , Madrid, Spain, *Hall of Fame*, Breach Gallery Miami, USA. He had a recent collaboration with Celine for their mens collection “Boy Doll’’ in 2022.

Broner started to paint in the late 80´s and was part of the parisian graffiti subculture , moved in Berlin since a while to focus on paintings. He has published the photo book «Vagabondage» (Hatje Cantz). Ed Broner uses photos and canvases as his personal diary. Especially in his paintings, he highlights the beauty of realness and authenticity, while at the same time honoring the ideas and symbols of modern urban subcultures. In his style, he combines influences from graffiti and contemporary painting as well as from Aboriginal and African art, thus opening a dialogue between “Western” and “non-Western” cultures. In reflecting and often subversively ironizing current aesthetics, Ed Broner asks about the nature of humanity in a postmodern world.

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