The Oracle News is a newspaper created for the occasion of a retrospective show of Fruit and Flower Deli at DUVE Berlin June 11, 2010.
It is not a catalogue but serves, with a body composed of independant texts, as a back drop to the show concerning a diversity of subjects when gathered together give at hand the abodes in which the retrospective can reside.
The Oracle News comprises of text written by Marcel Janco, Rodrigo Mellea Lira, Helena Mattson, Alexandra Morgenstern, Lars Mikael Raattamaa, Karin Schneider, Martha Schwendener and Jens Sonneryd.
Featured artists in the exhibition include: David Adamo, Judith Braun, Jota Castro, Lucie Fontaine, Rainer Ganahl, Nicolas Guagnini, Jans Håfström, Ylva Ogland, Karin Schneider and Mai Zetterling.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010