News Archive 2008

participating at *REPRESENTING MODERNISM. Architecture in Contemporary Art* at FREDERIEKE TAYLOR GALLERY

An interview with the artist at the opening of *P41xP21* at DUVE Berlin has just been published on VERNISSAGE TV together with her talk at the AMERICAN ACADEMY, Berlin given on OCTOBER 30th, 2008

Evan Gruzis and Marcus Knupp are featured in this month PLASTIQUE MAGAZINE.

A review of THE BRUCE HIGH QUALITY FOUNDATIONS participation at *FLOWERS OF EVIL*, Cueto Projects, NY has been published in LE MONDE on 20th November, 2008.

Works by Evan Gruzis have been included in the collection of the WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART.

Works by the artist are shown in the group show *NUMBER TWO: FRAGILE* at JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Düsseldorf opening this Saturday, October 11, 2008.

MARTIN G. SCHMID showing at *OUT THERE IN THE MID OF NOWHERE* curated by Erno Vroonen at Galerie der Künstle in Munich.

NIELS SIEVERS will participate in *TURBULENT WAVES* in Chengdu (China). The exhibition is a German-Chinese exchange project featuring 13 students of the class Professor Wang Chengyun of Suchuan Academy of Music Chengdu Fine Arts College and 13 Meisterschüler of the Klasse Immendorf.

SARAH OPPENHEIMER featured with a new article on her installation *INNER AND OUTER SPACE* in ARTFORUM ONLINE and PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER.

HALINA KLIEM will be part of the *TO: NIGHT * show @ HUNTER COLLEGE, NY in September this year.